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A collection of the new Shopify apps packaged up into a neat little email that we send out every Tuesday.
30 New Shopify Apps
Since October 20th
Etsy Importer
Paid Etsy Importer

Selling on Etsy? Creating own Shopify Store? It's extremely easy now! Import all your Etsy Products in a one single click with our app!
Help Desk
Paid Help Desk
Customer Service

Combines incoming emails with contact form messages, allowing you to manage all customer communication from a single admin tab.
Instagram Advertising By Sokrati
Paid Instagram Advertising By Sokrati
Social Media

Leverage Sokrati's deep expertise in social media marketing to run effective campaigns on the hottest new marketing channel - Instagram.

Purge sold out items! PurgeZero hides products with zero quantity until you can restock. PurgeZero can delete sold out items too!
Hurrify - Countdown Timer
Paid Hurrify - Countdown Timer
Reviews: 1

The Simplest Countdown Timer App For Your Sales Page. Put You Clients Under Pressure To Buy Now Knowing That Sale Will End Soon !
Mobile Product Inventory
Paid Mobile Product Inventory

Collect product inventory from vendors, staff and associates using their mobile. Empower their mobiles and enrich your store.
Marketing helps you to display the right campaigns to the right people by location, gender, language, purchase history and more.
Google Product Ads By Sokrati  -  30% Higher ROI Guaranteed!
Paid Google Product Ads By Sokrati - 30% Higher ROI Guaranteed!

The most powerful & intelligent Product Ads platform yet. Get 30%+ better ROI on Google Product Ads with Sokrati - guaranteed.
Shop Cleaner
Paid Shop Cleaner

Get an expert to review your store and get help to fix all its problems to boost your sales
Custom Reviews
Paid Custom Reviews

Get valuable customer feedbacks on your products with easily customizable forms. It can be used for product reviews, contact form or more.
Top Secret Promos
Paid Top Secret Promos

Top Secret Promos lets you reward your most loyal and engaged customers with truly exclusive promotions that only they can access and enjoy.
Droparoo Flash Sale
Paid Droparoo Flash Sale

Run flash sales on a single page where the products and sale change every 60 minutes or less!
Paid MailPop

This application will increase sales of your store and attracts the user before they leave the website.
Paid ReloadSEO

Improve your Shopify SEO: Write better content and have a fully optimized Shopify store. Rank Higher, Sell more. Start optimizing today!
Paid Poln

Find qualified new customers with the simplest ad platform available! Automate your advertising, boost traffic and generate new revenue.

Give a great look to your store with some catchy images in the background to have a look and feel of the products you are selling. Payment Plans
Paid Payment Plans

Easily offer your customers custom payment plans to pay for products and services. Unlimited payment plans. Simple transparent pricing.
Customer Gender
Paid Customer Gender

Detect the gender of your customers. Can be used on current and future customers and is region aware.
Special Offers: Cross-sell/Upsell, BOGO, Discounts, and more!
Paid Special Offers: Cross-sell/Upsell, BOGO, Discounts, and more!

Cross-sell / Upsell for online store. Various promos for Shopify POS: Buy X for $, Buy X Get Y, Discount/Sale, and more!
Custom Order Status
Paid Custom Order Status

If you sell custom made items then this App is a must have. Created Unlimited Custom Status Settings and notify Customer on Status Change
Spriza Toolbox
Paid Spriza Toolbox

Spriza Toolbox is the marketing engine that helps you to exponentially increase your client base.
Daily Deals
Paid Daily Deals

The easiest way to run a new daily deal one product at a time.
Paid JSON-LD for SEO

Never worry about SEO markup or rich snippets again! One click allows search engines and others to understand your store and products.

The Universal Price and Availability Alert that will get your visitors back and increase conversions via Facebook and Email notifications!
Quizly by Rocket Apps
Paid Quizly by Rocket Apps

Quiz generator will help you generate more sales and tons of leads through our do simple do it yourself online editor.
Facebook Dynamic Product Ads By Sokrati  -  30% Higher ROI Guaranteed!
Paid Facebook Dynamic Product Ads By Sokrati - 30% Higher ROI Guaranteed!

Convert website visitors and cart abandoners into loyal customers by re-targeting them on Facebook with Dynamic Product Ads.
Paid Teleport

Automatically sync Shopify customer and order data to your Hubspot account. Filter customers in Hubspot by 20+ Shopify fields.
Quick Announcement Bar | Display Promotions, Notifications, Sales, and Deals
Quick Announcement Bar | Display Promotions, Notifications, Sales, and Deals

Convey your exciting business updates such as special events and sales to your website visitors via a fully customizable bar
Zazzy LIVE
Paid Zazzy LIVE

Sell high-quality accessories with no upfront costs and no risk. We ship directly to buyers, you keep the profit.
Ap Wishlist Pro
Paid Ap Wishlist Pro

Allows customers to mark the products they are interested in, immediately those products are added to a list of their own for the monitoring
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