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18 New Shopify Apps
Since November 21st
Featured app
LeadDyno: Easy Affiliate Marketing
$LeadDyno: Easy Affiliate Marketing
"Instant" Affiliate Marketing for your Shopify Store. Launch your affiliate program with one-click!
Facebook Events by Omega
$ Facebook Events by Omega
Social Media
The App uses Facebook official Graph API to display the events calendar
Greenfrog Instashow - Stunning Instagram Galleries
Greenfrog Instashow - Stunning Instagram Galleries
Social Media
Add a nice Instagram layout to your shopify store quickly. Customers doesn't have to leave store to see Instagram.
Simple PO
$ Simple PO
Simple PO creates purchase orders from Orders or Products. It allows you to save cost prices of items and email POs to your vendors.
Messenger Upsell by CartBack
$ Messenger Upsell by CartBack
Customer Service
Automatically follow up with your recent customers with a Facebook Messenger Chatbot
Freight Club
Freight Club
Join the 1000’s of businesses making the right shipping decisions using our all-in-one intelligent freight platform.
Upsell Recommendations by AutoCommerce
Upsell Recommendations by AutoCommerce
Amazon-like product recommendations – with just one click. The only 100% free recommendation app.
Artifacia - Shoppable Instagram Galleries
$ Artifacia - Shoppable Instagram Galleries
Shoppable Instagram galleries on steroids. Powered by AI.
Bravoo - Effective Communication
$ Bravoo - Effective Communication
Connect with your customers like never befor, generate leads, close deals and give great support.
$ Looga
Increase traffic and cross-sell to customers! Predictive lifetime value based Custom and Lookalike Audiences for Facebook and Instagram
Marketing Build your email list by showing your visitors a customizable bar. Promote certain pages or content, easily.
Relevant Analytics
$ Relevant Analytics
Relevant crunches analytics data and gives your marketing campaigns 3 scores, helping you understand and improve the shopper's experience.
OptinMonster - Email Popups with Exit Intent Technology
$ OptinMonster - Email Popups with Exit Intent Technology
OptinMonster converts abandoning website visitors into subscribers and customers.
Knowband- Spin & Win
$ Knowband- Spin & Win
Generate leads at lightening pace. Exit intent pop-up Gamifies the experience for the users. Fully customisable and responsive.
Better 404 Pages
$ Better 404 Pages
Easily create better 404 pages for your shop.
Export Images by Engage
$ Export Images by Engage
Download all your product images within minutes. One-click service.
Promo Bar by Hurabay
Promo Bar by Hurabay
Promo Bar makes displaying best deals and special events on your store quick and easy. Fully customizable. One click setup.
Christmas Spirit
$ Christmas Spirit
Decorate your site with Christmas illustrations, add snowfall effect and joyful music, and the atmosphere will become warm and friendly.
Review Mate - Import Reviews from Aliexpress, Amazon and Many More..
$ Review Mate - Import Reviews from Aliexpress, Amazon and Many More..
Boost your sales by showcasing reviews imported from aliexpress, amazon, walmart etc... build customer trust and increase sales by 30%
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Radar by AdGeek
Radar by AdGeek
Search Engine for finding top performing Facebook interest. Easily uncover untapped Facebook interest hidden from the competition.
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