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A collection of the new Shopify apps packaged up into a neat little email that we send out every Tuesday.
18 New Shopify Apps
Since December 1st
LiveAgent - Helpdesk & Live chat
Paid LiveAgent - Helpdesk & Live chat
Customer Service

Add a chat button to your website in seconds. Connect your support email and have all your customer support communication in 1 place.
InstaShow - Shopify Instagram Feed
Paid InstaShow - Shopify Instagram Feed
Social Media

InstaShow is a smart way to add Instagram feed to Shopify store. Flexible, responsive feed with 50+ features and marvelous demo.
Product Metafields +
Product Metafields +
Reviews: 1

An advanced metafields editor for Shopify Products.
eSale Solutions
Paid eSale Solutions

List your Shopify products on Amazon, Etsy, and eBay! Reach more customers and see your orders in one place. Founded by an Amazon veteran.
Paid EasyVideo
Reviews: 1

Your Theme does not support product videos? No problem! With our app you may add YouTube and Vimeo Videos to your Products easily.
Paid SumoMe

Tools to Grow Your Website’s Traffic
Tailor Shirt Shop
Paid Tailor Shirt Shop

Customer can order his own style and body fit shirt with selecting your store's fabric.
Perzonalization - Recommendations in Real Time
Paid Perzonalization - Recommendations in Real Time

Real time personalized recommendation solutions increasing page views and boost sales up to 25%.
Flightplan for Facebook
Paid Flightplan for Facebook

Flightplan revolutionizes Facebook product retargeting, removing onboarding friction, and delivering automatic management and optimization.
What Other People Bought Recently Notification
Paid What Other People Bought Recently Notification

Let your website visitors see near real-time recent orders on your website. Encourage sales and conversion with popup notifications.
Collect Automation for Shopify
Paid Collect Automation for Shopify

Automate your marketing with timely and relevant trigger-based offers that work seamlessly with Shopify. Try for free.
Subscription Order | Recurring Orders & Billing
Paid Subscription Order | Recurring Orders & Billing

THE Subscription App to Increase Your Revenue With Recurring Orders. Start accepting subscription orders TODAY. Easy Installation.
Paid Exportify

Export your orders to Excel or any text format. Options to download or email with attachment. Ideal for fulfillment partner integrations.
mporium insights
mporium insights

Introducing revolutionary analytics for everyone. You focus on your business, we’ll provide the insight that enables you to optimise it
Paid Vift

Allow your customers to send a personal video that arrives at the same time as a gift package. Our rev share option means no risk of loss!
LivePerson Live Chat + Messaging
Paid LivePerson Live Chat + Messaging

LiveEngage is the modern way to talk to visitors on your online store. Increase sales conversions and overall satisfaction.
Paid swipeable

All your products are swipeable! Increase mobile sales, allowing buyers to swipe products they like, instant actionable insights.
Easy Product Option Builder
Paid Easy Product Option Builder

Build custom products by combining multiple SKUs. Examples are a tennis racket with different grip options or a travel alarm with batteries.
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