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A collection of the new Shopify apps packaged up into a neat little email that we send out every Tuesday.
17 New Shopify Apps
Since December 15th
HappyFox Chat
Paid HappyFox Chat
Customer Service
Reviews: 2

Free Live chat app with deep Shopify integration. Get customer order and live cart info right inside chat window. Fast & Installs in 2 mins.
Paid Insyts
Reviews: 1

Provides sales data analysis and visualization.
ShopWeDo Easy Shipper
Paid ShopWeDo Easy Shipper

Ship your parcels cheap and easy with Bpost, postNL & DPD. No minimum, no contract required. Start saving time and money with our free App.
ShopWeDo Fulfillment
Paid ShopWeDo Fulfillment

Ship your products from our fulfillment center in Belgium with our ShopWeDo fulfillment platform.
Checkout Upsell - Good Way to Increase Customer Loyalty
Checkout Upsell - Good Way to Increase Customer Loyalty

Display recommendation based on customers recent purchase and display on checkout page. Custom design for upsell product / discount banner.
Message Mate
Paid Message Mate

Engage customers and increase sales with this mobile aware IM and text messaging solution, harnessing the power of the OwnerListens platform
Collect Offers for Shopify
Paid Collect Offers for Shopify

Increase sales in-store and online with targeted email offers that work seamlessly with Shopify and get results. Try for free.
COD Order Confirmation
COD Order Confirmation

Reduce product return ratio and save your valuable time for unnecessary shipments because of fake/dummy orders.
Add To Cart Popup
Paid Add To Cart Popup

This application offering a list of "You may also like..." products when a shopper clicks the "Add to cart" button.
Paid ShopTogether

Increase your sales by providing your visitors an easy way to engage with their friends while shopping in your store. 30 days free trial.
Related Noise Marketplace
Paid Related Noise Marketplace

Sell your products on thousands of Related Noise sites and, and use social media product reviews to drive more sales.
Collect Loyalty for Shopify
Paid Collect Loyalty for Shopify

Create a powerful loyalty and referral program, for your Shopify store
Snow Flake
Paid Snow Flake

Get a Snow Falling effect on your Shopify Store with One Time Fee - No recurring charges.
Visibl Video Marketing
Paid Visibl Video Marketing

Visibl is a Video Marketing app that lets you easily market to your ideal customers across the web on big sites (CNN, Mashable, YouTube...)
SMS Alerts US & CA
Paid SMS Alerts US & CA

Notify US & Canada users with order related information through text messages directly from Shopify.
Queueapp - Social Media Marketing Tool
Paid Queueapp - Social Media Marketing Tool

Increase social engagement and sales with an all-in-one social media marketing tool. Get ready-to-use content that saves you time and engage
Paid Promobar

Engage your customers with promotions & grow your mailing list with fully customizable Promorbar. Mailchimp integration available
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