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A collection of the new Shopify apps packaged up into a neat little email that we send out every Tuesday.
20 New Shopify Apps
Since December 29th
Customer Grading
Paid Customer Grading

Not all customers are equal! Grade your customer's and start to focus on our best customers.
Data Export
Paid Data Export

Setup custom reports for your store data. Schedule the frequency and delivery of reports. Automate your reporting and save hours each month.
Return Management System
Paid Return Management System

The Easiest and most simple pp to handle your Return Management Process
Paid wlc
Customer Service

Boost your sales, Understand your deficiencies, Make your customers happy
InPost Lockers 24/7
Paid InPost Lockers 24/7

A revolutionary e-commerce delivery system. InPost is a fast, efficient service that allows customers 24/7-package retrieval and returns.
Out of Stock Notifications
Paid Out of Stock Notifications

Out of Stock Notification app lets your customers subscribe to and receive notifications when the product is back in stock.
Recomify Related Products
Paid Recomify Related Products

Recomify is a smart product recommendation engine that automatically recommends related products. Increase sales by cross-sell products
Findify Search & Autocomplete
Paid Findify Search & Autocomplete
Reviews: 11

The intelligent on-site search solution that helps you increase your revenue and make happy, loyal customers.
Paid Plytix

Get high quality product images directly from brands, within your Shopify store.
Facebook dynamic product tools
Paid Facebook dynamic product tools

This app help you create exel product file to facebook dynamic ads.Include full guidance for implement Facebook Dynamic Product.
Coupon Courier
Paid Coupon Courier

Increase your mailing list by automatically emailing your new MailChimp subscribers a unique, single use coupon code when they sign up.
Paid Photolock

Photolock disables right clicking and prevents your photography from being stolen by everyday users. Avoid copyright infringement.
Paid EasySMS

Let your customers know what's up with their orders the quickest way there is -- via text message. Simple and smart text notifications.
HTML5 Flipbook
HTML5 Flipbook

HTML5 Flipbook for your booklets, catalogs, magazines, albums, price lists and others nice presentation.
Vital Touch
Vital Touch

Vital Touch welcomes new customers with a personal email directly from the founder/store owner after 30 minutes of their first purchase.
Kevy eCommerce Marketing Platform
Paid Kevy eCommerce Marketing Platform

Kevy is an email marketing automation platform that helps you engage, retain and convert more visitors into buyers.
Visually Similar by Wazzat
Paid Visually Similar by Wazzat

Wazzat's visual recognition platform enables image-based product similarity search and recommendations for online fashion stores.
Promo Bar
Promo Bar

Promote Free Shipping, Free Gifts, Coupons and your latest sales or contact information. 10+ more popular website marketing tools included.
Shopkeeper Gift Cards
Paid Shopkeeper Gift Cards

Take your Shopify gift cards from blah to beautiful. Let customers pick from gorgeous designs and customize with names and a note.
Currency Switch ยท Automatic Exchange Rate & Currency Converter
Paid Currency Switch · Automatic Exchange Rate & Currency Converter

Automatically Change Your Price Currency Based On Visitor's Location. Easy Installation. Exchange Rates Updated Hourly.
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