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A collection of the new Shopify apps packaged up into a neat little email that we send out every Tuesday.
19 New Shopify Apps
Since January 5th
Connex for Xero
Paid Connex for Xero

Connex for Xero automatically syncs inventory, customers and orders with Xero. We support Canadian tax codes and VAT.
Social Media

Create beautiful galleries from Instagram photos and drive sales to your store. You can customize and embed gallery anywhere on the site.
Paid Touchcard
Customer Service

Automated postcards, printed and and mailed for you. Raise the life time value of each customer.
Paid DripIt
Reporting is your analytics assistant. It helps to spot trends and see changes in store performance as it happens!
SocialAll Login & Posting
Paid SocialAll Login & Posting
Social Media

Boosting yours Sales ,SEO and Social Followers with Template Social Networks Posting. Increasing check out rate with OneClick Social Login
Share a Refund
Paid Share a Refund

Do you ship with FedEx and UPS? We can save you money! Share a Refund finds the late packages in your shipping accounts, files refund claims
Multi Currency Converter | Auto currency conversion, localized user experience for foreign shoppers
Paid Multi Currency Converter | Auto currency conversion, localized user experience for foreign shoppers
Reviews: 1

Enable your shop to auto-convert display prices to customer's local currency with hourly updated exchange rates, and 1-click installation.
All In One Product Zoom
Paid All In One Product Zoom

3 Zoom types combined into one app with one click install & no coding required. High quality zoom for professional images.
Discount Campaign
Paid Discount Campaign

Discount promotion is most popular methods to boost your sales. Sales promotions can provide immediate hikes in sales in a short time.
Firecart - Marketing Automation for Shopify
Paid Firecart - Marketing Automation for Shopify

Marketing Automation helps you convert more visitors into paid customers by sending timely & relevant messages based on customer behavior.
Style Questionnaire
Paid Style Questionnaire

Style Quiz for consumers revealing a high end personal style report, which gives you enriched customer insights for optimum engagement.
Thank You Video
Paid Thank You Video

Increase engagement and future sales with a personalized video message. Delight and surprise your customers with a message they will share.
EasyTag CloudPrinter Listener
EasyTag CloudPrinter Listener

This app sends your orders to EasyTag CloudPrinter, with complete order information including products.
Simple - Countdown Timer
Paid Simple - Countdown Timer

Adding countdown timer to your products in seconds
Paid geolizr

Reach new customers from all around the world by providing country specific content

Add a responsive FAQ section to any Shopify store.
Simple Testimonials
Simple Testimonials

Sell more products by showing testimonials from your loyal customers!
Custom Background and Banner
Paid Custom Background and Banner

This app lets store owner to design the details page of each product and collection with different backgrounds and banners
Image FineTuner
Paid Image FineTuner

Help users to easily fine-tuning their product images, such as adding text or image watermark.
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