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A collection of the new Shopify apps packaged up into a neat little email that we send out every Tuesday.
29 New Shopify Apps
Since January 12th
Product Clues
Paid Product Clues

With Product Clues finding the right insights is as simple as navigating to your store and switching it on.
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Mastering Shopify Apps
Mastering Shopify Apps

Ever thought about building your own Shopify App? Learn the skills you need to build robust, profitable Shopify apps with this FREE weekly newsletter.
Facebook Chat
Paid Facebook Chat
Customer Service

Your customers can connect with you in real time using a live chat button on your website
Wholesale Hero
Paid Wholesale Hero
Reviews: 12

Wholesale Pricing for your store. The easiest and most fully featured Wholesale app in the app store. Start your FREE trial today
Paid Jet-Integration

Sell your Shopify products to Marketplace and manage all orders listing of products return and refund by just one app.
Product Reviews Addon
Paid Product Reviews Addon
Reviews: 4

A add-on to Shopify's Review App, automatically sends review emails to your customers. Customers can review directly from their email.
Facebook Live Chat
Facebook Live Chat
Social Media

Support your customers via Facebook Live Chat conveniently from your own website. 10+ more popular marketing tools also included.
Custom Shipping Zones
Paid Custom Shipping Zones

Set custom shipping rates at the time of checkout based on the order's shipping postal / zip code
Quick Facebook Chat
Quick Facebook Chat
Social Media

Personal conversations with customers as Facebook friends, right on your store! Live chat by Facebook accounts.
Paid askQuestions
Customer Service

Allow customers to ask questions about products and show them on product page. Help others to buy without any second thought. One time pay
Paid QBot

We've raised total revenue by more than 30% by modifying prices slightly. This app starts with a FREE 200 samples/4 week A/B price test.
Book an Appointment
Paid Book an Appointment

Allow your customers to book an appointment with you by submitting their availabilities.
Landing Wizard
Paid Landing Wizard

Create beautiful landing pages in seconds with a simple drag and drop page builder and professional, high-conversion templates!
Post Affiliate Pro - Professional Tracking
Paid Post Affiliate Pro - Professional Tracking

Create an affiliate program for your Shopify store with Post Affiliate Pro in minutes. Rock-solid tracking, thousands of satisfied merchants
Bulk Pricing ยท Quantity Discount Tier Levels
Paid Bulk Pricing · Quantity Discount Tier Levels

Easily create bulk pricing tier levels for all your products. Example: 10% off for orders 2 or more.
Paid Shopamani

Shopamani is a loyalty & analytics tool that enables to create personalized and targeted sales campaigns.
EU Cookie
Paid EU Cookie

Show a banner on your site explaining to customers about the EU cookie law. 4 great pre-made designs, click and go.
Paid Foresight

Foresight uses machine vision algorithms to predict where your shoppers will look on your store's site. Make each page-view count.
Sticky "Add To Cart" Bar
Sticky "Add To Cart" Bar
Reviews: 1

Make the Buy button visible to the customers at all time.
Bulk Update
Paid Bulk Update

This app will help you change your product price easy and fast. Can change one by one, by collection or even whole store !
Paid iContact

Easy email marketing tools that allow you to send awesome emails.
Simple Map - Orders/Custom
Paid Simple Map - Orders/Custom

Add a beautiful US or World map to your store. Visualize recent customers automatically. Easy way to give your store social credibility!
Paid Doubly

Hei, name's Doubly! I'm the best automatic currency converter there is. Sounds braggy I know ;)
Best Selling Image - Make your product catalogue trendy
Paid Best Selling Image - Make your product catalogue trendy

Keep all your product images trendy based on best selling variants. Let this app set default image for each of the products based on sales
Paid PixterPro

Enhance your product images for higher conversions.
POWr Popup
Paid POWr Popup

Create custom popups for any store.
Valentine Hearts
Paid Valentine Hearts

Get your shop ready for this Valentine's Day shopping season with this app. Easily add falling hearts on your website.
Welcome Screen
Paid Welcome Screen

The highest converting landing page. Full screen call to action which shows when shoppers enter your store. Drive traffic or collect emails.
Red Carpet
Paid Red Carpet

Simple shop personalization tool.
Social Buttons
Social Buttons
Social Media

Get more shares/follows with Zotabox social buttons. 10+ Social Accounts. Multiple styles, sizes and colors. 10+ more onsite tools also incl
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