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18 New Shopify Apps
Since July 19th
Featured App
Reporting & Marketing

Grow your revenue faster, benchmark your marketing channels and set goals based on performance benchmarks.

Paid ShipHawk

The optimal shipping platform for home furnishings, pre-owned and/or B2B goods with parcel, less-than-truckload and white glove carriers.
HTML Popup
Paid HTML Popup

HTML Popup provide you power to display pop up on home page. You can use this app for promotion or use as a Notification to the users.
ShopCheck XXL
Paid ShopCheck XXL

In-depth store analysis with more then 50 checks.
Paid Popharvest
Social Media
Reviews: 2

Increase sales by making your Instagram shoppable. Tag your products in any Instagram photos, display them on your site, drive more sales.
Unifaun Integration
Paid Unifaun Integration

Send shipping details from your store to Unifaun Online. All major transportation companies and their services are listed for mapping.
Huntdown Inventory Management
Huntdown Inventory Management

Download all or certain category products of for drop shipping. Set your own prices and offer them to all your customers.
Price Change Notification
Paid Price Change Notification
Customer Service

Add Price Change Notification option on Product Page, If you roll out the sale and discount, Interested Customer will get notification.
PUDO Pick Up. Drop Off.
Paid PUDO Pick Up. Drop Off.
Customer Service

Offer pickup and drop-off locations that your customers can use when it's convenient for them by having packages dropped off at a PUDOpoint.
Orderv - Video Emails
Paid Orderv - Video Emails
Customer Service

Send personalized, unique videos to your customers. Directly engage your shoppers to create a memorable brand they'll eagerly return to.
GAMIFY - Interactive Marketing
GAMIFY - Interactive Marketing

Turn your marketing into an interactive game! Gamify drives more revenue by improving your click thru rate, engagement, and conversions.
Paid StartupThreads

StartupThreads is the easiest way to automatically send custom apparel to your customers and fans, without having to ship inventory yourself
Paid Notifyer

Boost your Sales and increase Conversions with sense of urgency using Social Proof notifications!
Gift Checkout
Paid Gift Checkout

Amazon-style gift options at the cart page, to make the checkout process simple and profitable. Earn more money for every gift sold!
Event Calendar App
Paid Event Calendar App

EventCalendarApp makes it super easy for you to display your events on your website.
Happy Shipping
Paid Happy Shipping

Free Shipping Bar with dynamic geo-targeting to increase your sales. Establish a sense of urgency and exclusivity in the eyes of the user.
Paid CartMail

When your visitor starts to leave your site, ask to send them a link to their shopping cart before they're gone for good!
Extra Product Options
Paid Extra Product Options

Easiest way to create extra and unlimited options (with price per option feature) for your products,that will help to increase your revenue!
Paid Logocopter

Add small scrolling logos to your Shopify Store. Great for showing off which brands you stock or your accreditations & partners!
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