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The newest Shopify apps packaged up into a neat little email that is sent every Tuesday.
13 New Shopify Apps
Since November 29th
EU Cookie Bar
EU Cookie Bar
Reviews: 23

Ensure your store is in compliance with the EU cookie laws. One click setup!
Mortar Order Map
Mortar Order Map

Map your customer orders and discover how far-reaching your products are selling.
Address Validation
Paid Address Validation

Perform your choice of City-State-ZIP or Street Level address validation. The shopper can't check out until a valid address is entered.
Now Back in Stock
Paid Now Back in Stock

Boost sales by inviting your customers to sign up for email & SMS alerts sent when their desired items are back in stock. Supports variants!
Crowdfunder: DIY Pre-Order Crowdfunding Campaigns
Paid Crowdfunder: DIY Pre-Order Crowdfunding Campaigns

Quickly add modern Crowdfunding elements to your pre-order product pages with this easy-to-use app. Try it free for 7 days.
ExportFeed: Export Product Feeds to Google, Bing, Amazon, eBay & 40+ Others
Paid ExportFeed: Export Product Feeds to Google, Bing, Amazon, eBay & 40+ Others
Reviews: 1

Exports product feeds to Google, Amazon, Bing, Nextag, Price Grabber, Shopzilla, GoDataFeed and many more in CSV, TXT & XML format
Paid Genie

Genie, the app that imports your eBay items directly to your Shopify ecommerce store with a single click.
Paid reSort

Identify and promote your best products nightly - set it up in 1 minute and forget about manually merchandising your collections ever again!
Paid InQ.Social

InQ.Social helps to interact with your customers, collect their feedback and turn it into actionable insights. Boost your sales & marketing.
Mapplico - Create Mobile Apps for your Store
Paid Mapplico - Create Mobile Apps for your Store

Create your Shopify integrated native iOS & Android apps in few steps. Expand your sales channels and increase sales and revenue instantly.
Excel-like Product Manager
Paid Excel-like Product Manager

Edit any product/var property or metafield as in MS Excel Edit large amounts of data in few min. Has XLSX/CSV import/export. 2 day full demo
Appsonrent Product Reviews
Appsonrent Product Reviews

Did you always want to increase the user interaction on your website by rating products? We at appsonerent understand your need develop apps
Ellipsis Human Presence Technology
Paid Ellipsis Human Presence Technology

Monitor human and suspicious traffic in real-time and invisibly protect your website from harmful bots.
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