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The newest Shopify apps packaged up into a neat little email that is sent every Tuesday.
26 New Shopify Apps
Since January 10th
Paid SimpleTracking

Never waste another minute thanks to SimpleTracking! Update your orders tracking numbers in a single click. Get started now! Time is money
Paid RSpider

RSpider provides smart product sourcing and allows to 1-click import products into your Shopify store.
SMS Notify by eGrove
Paid SMS Notify by eGrove
Customer Service

Keep in touch with your customers via SMS. With one click send latest offers and Deals information to your world-wide customers
Sales Booster - Show Real Time Sales
Sales Booster - Show Real Time Sales

Show Real Time Sales to your customers Exclusively and Give them Trust and Motivation to Purchase from Store. Its a REAL SALES BOOSTER.
Social Share Cart
Paid Social Share Cart
Social Media

Allow your customers to share what they are buying in social networks. Spread the word and increase sales!
Bizeazy - The 5 minute Mobile App maker
Paid Bizeazy - The 5 minute Mobile App maker
Customer Service

Bizeazy - The 5 minute Mobile App maker is THE affordable and effective mobile E-Commerce solution! 
Traffic Booster by StoreYa
Paid Traffic Booster by StoreYa

Let us drive thousands of shoppers to your store that are interested in your products straight from Google and Bing.
Amazon Order Sync
Paid Amazon Order Sync

Amazon Order Application will help you to synchronize Amazon orders with Shopify store with ease.
ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment
ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment

You can make it very convenient and efficient to send orders and shipments to ChinaDivision by use this APP.
Shipping & Tax Calculator
Paid Shipping & Tax Calculator

Shows Shipping and Taxes upfront on the cart page itself. Reduces cart abandonment and increases conversions.
FedEx LTL Freight Quotes
Paid FedEx LTL Freight Quotes

Display your negotiated FedEx LTL freight rates in the shopping cart. Configurable options let you tailor the results.
Age Verifier
Age Verifier

Age Verifier app provides age verification pop-up to let you check age and prevent under-age consumer for tobacco, liquor retailer and more.
Easy exit popup
Easy exit popup

This app enables you to display a Pop-up window, which includes discounts, special offers or other promotional messages.
Youtube Vimeo Video Gallery
Paid Youtube Vimeo Video Gallery

Add your Youtube or Vimeo videos anywhere on your store easily in just a few clicks. Videos are best way to boost conversions and sales.
OrderLimits by Nobokaay
Paid OrderLimits by Nobokaay

OrderLimits allows you to easily set minimum and maximum values on a range of parameters like value, weight and number of items.
Paid onlify

With ONLIFY you can automatically notify your customers when they've lost internet connectivity
Hide PayPal in Cart
Paid Hide PayPal in Cart

Reduce cart abandonment rate. Improve customer checkout experience.
NS8 - Performance & Reputation Monitoring
Paid NS8 - Performance & Reputation Monitoring

Don't lose sales due to poor browser performance - know in real-time how customers see your store and your reputation across the internet.
Paid Booster

Instantly increase your store’s conversion rates and revenue with proven scarcity and persuasion techniques using booster app.
Redirect Bulk
Paid Redirect Bulk

Never lose your old store traffic because of 404 or 301 redirects. Create, edit, delete or Upload in bulk URLs redirect with just one go.
Access Denied - Ban High-Risk Traffic
Paid Access Denied - Ban High-Risk Traffic

Blocks the scammers from high-risk countries to avoid fraudulent purchases and chargebacks. Stop losing both your sale and your product!
Scroll2Top - Back Animated Button
Paid Scroll2Top - Back Animated Button

Allow your customers scroll whatever they like all the way to the bottom and instantly get back to the top.
Categories by BTP
Paid Categories by BTP

Simplified user navigation with standard category trees, dynamic menus, and product breadcrumbs. Easy to configure and style.
Timer Plus
Paid Timer Plus

Create scarcity and urgency with an interactive countdown timer and dynamic pitch and increase conversion rates and revenue
XML/JSON Email Order Export
Paid XML/JSON Email Order Export

Send an email on every new order with all relevant data (xml or json) to a email address of your choice, e.g. your fulfilment partner's.
Shopkeeper Easy Gift Cards
Paid Shopkeeper Easy Gift Cards

Make sending gift cards with a from name & personal note fast & easy while recipients get a mobile and print friendly gift card.
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Sell on Amazon using Shopify. Create or sync Amazon listings to manage inventory, product details and fulfill orders all from Shopify.
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