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15 New Shopify Apps
Since January 17th
Featured App
Dynamic Retargeting by Rontar
PaidDynamic Retargeting by Rontar

• Grow sales & build brand awareness
• Convert your website abandoners
• Customize the look and feel of ads
• Track conversions, revenue and profit

Reviews: 1

See incredible details on the visitors/users coming to your shop.
Buy Me
Paid Buy Me
Reviews: 2

Make it easier for customers to buy your product by displaying Add To Cart button on top of every product page.
Sales Booster - Product Price Optimizer
Paid Sales Booster - Product Price Optimizer

Increase products sale by picking the best price/name/etc. The app tests different values and chooses what will guarantee the highest profit
iZooto: Web Push Notifications for Chrome, Firefox and Safari
Paid iZooto: Web Push Notifications for Chrome, Firefox and Safari

Deliver web notifications to users even when they are not on your site, on both mobile and desktop. Drive traffic, retarget and boost sales
Digital Content Sales with DRM - Flickrocket
Paid Digital Content Sales with DRM - Flickrocket

Sell DRM protected digital content like Video, Audio, PDF, ePub, HTML for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Kindle, ChromeOS, SmartTV and more.
Paid Vaaniz

Enable your shops with personalized recommendation for better buyer experience to keep them engage and increase revenue.
Paid DazzleMark

World class jewelry fulfillment service. Send us your design, make a sample, and start selling your jewelry in your store.
Retrieve - Export Items
Paid Retrieve - Export Items

Export your Shopify items to your desktop. Download product image to edit them locally, and keep an archive of your Shopify blogs and pages.
Bulk Customer Tags Manager
Bulk Customer Tags Manager

A lightweight, accessible app aimed at letting you create custom tags for your customers, all at once and in one place.
Lazy Image
Paid Lazy Image

Lazy loads your images for faster page speeds and a lighter site. Includes support for background images and auto-converter for image tags.
Best Custom Product Options by Relentless
Paid Best Custom Product Options by Relentless

Make it easy for your customers to choose the right product variant. Display color swatches, buttons and dropdowns that match your theme.
Paid viigii

The viigii for Shopify app turns any purchase from your Shopify store into a fun, thoughtful, and interactive gift-giving experience.
SMS Notifications India
Paid SMS Notifications India

Engage with cusotmers by notifying them via SMS every time there is an order created or or cancelled. Or if their refund is processed.
Product Filter & Search
Paid Product Filter & Search

Filter and Search products by price, color, size, vendor, tags, etc. FREE Customisation to match your theme style.
Bulk Editor by 2can Apps
Paid Bulk Editor by 2can Apps

Quickly edit multiple products at a time. Change prices, add collections, modify titles and more!
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