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19 New Shopify Apps
Since March 7th
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Tracktor- Order status updates and package tracking
Order Status Updates
and Package Tracking


Reduce customer service time spent answering, "Where's my package?"

Download Tracker
Download Tracker
Reviews: 1

Provides full analytics on downloads for your shop, including data on campaigns, geolocation, devices, channels, referrers and more.
Paid Spocket
Reviews: 1

Easily find and ship high-margin products to sell on Shopify. Browse between 8 million products and automate your drop-shipping business.
Expeditor Inet
Paid Expeditor Inet

Sync your orders with Expeditor INET La Poste software. Just a few clicks helps you print labels and simplify the order picking process.
Paid Callmaker
Customer Service

Get up to 50% more incoming sales calls from your Shopify store with an automated callback in 25 seconds. Wow effect is guaranteed!
My Easy Tracking Tool
Paid My Easy Tracking Tool

Save time preparing and shipping your packages!
 This easy-to-use app helps you link your carrier with your Shopify store.
DS Export
Paid DS Export

- Schedule automated backups of all your seasonal products/gift-cards
 - Receive a copy of your backup in an email as soon as it's made
Free Plus Shipping
Paid Free Plus Shipping

Easily sell products using the wildly popular Free + Shipping method! Create multiple free plus shipping settings and easily apply them.
Gamified Email Collection (Wheel Pop Up)
Paid Gamified Email Collection (Wheel Pop Up)

Gamified email collection. Visitors will give their email for a chance to win a discount to your store. Collect emails, generate more sales!
Paid Mothership

Easily supply products and fulfill orders for other merchants. Perfect for businesses that sell wholesale or make their own products.
AdGeek - Retargeting made easy
AdGeek - Retargeting made easy

AdGeek is Facebook ads on steroids. AdGeek uses store data to retarget your cart abandoners and website visitors with dynamic product ads
Paid Momentum

Introduce Urgency to increase your store conversions. Automatically create and display individual limited time deals for your visitors.
Mothership Connect
Mothership Connect

Connect to dropshippers that sell with Mothership. Easily import and manage products. Automatically route orders to Mothership suppliers.
China Speed Up
Paid China Speed Up

Use Chinese CDN and reverse proxy technology to let clients in China get quick access to your shop.
Delivery & Return Printer
Paid Delivery & Return Printer

Print out delivery notes and return forms which truly display the items that have been shipped.
Blog Importer by LeadDigital
Paid Blog Importer by LeadDigital

Blog Importer makes it easy to import your existing blog posts from anywhere by using the power and flexibiliy of CSV files.
Traffic Guard
Paid Traffic Guard

Get total control over your store’s incoming traffic. Block or redirect users based on their IP address and geolocation.
GoFrugal POS Connect
Paid GoFrugal POS Connect

Sync orders from Shopify to our POS. Service all orders & deliver on time. Consolidate inventory. Eliminate manual work & save costs
GemPage - Drag & Drop Page Builder
Paid GemPage - Drag & Drop Page Builder

GemPage generates beautiful Home, Contact Us, About Us, Story Telling, Free Shipping, Look Book, One-Product Page and much more
Last Week: 13% clicked on this app
Push to eBay
Paid Push to eBay
Reviews: 9

Easily list your Shopify products on Increase your sales without having to leave Shopify. It’s as easy as List - Click - Sell!
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