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The newest Shopify apps packaged up into a neat little email that is sent every Tuesday.
22 New Shopify Apps
Since May 2nd
Featured app
Paid Make an Offer
Reviews: 33

Boost conversions by engaging your customers to make their best price offers on your products. "Rare 6 STARS This is the best app to get conversions and sales"
Paid Quaderno

Accounting automation for smart businesses
Tweet Auto Posting
Paid Tweet Auto Posting
Social Media

The app posts new products to your Twitter and informs your customers of new arrivals. It's increases your online presence.
Easy Inventory by Avorum
Paid Easy Inventory by Avorum

Easy Inventory - the quick & easy way to bulk update your store's pricing and inventory via CSV or XLS/X
Logistician 55
Paid Logistician 55

Transform your open orders into a dynamic pick list which can be sorted or filtered, and keep track of items that are ready for fulfillment.
Paid Vamaship

The world's first integrated logistics platform.
Paid Slickify
Reviews: 1

Instantly makes any Shopify store feel cutting-edge! 5 essential features include Slickify Scrolling, Exit Intent, Particles, Video and more
Crowd Proof
Paid Crowd Proof
Reviews: 1

Display recent orders to provide the social proof new customers need to buy! Let customizable pop-ups nudge your customers to checkout.
Pixel Bay - Supercharge Your Facebook Pixel
Paid Pixel Bay - Supercharge Your Facebook Pixel

Create Incredibly Targeted Custom Audiences & Even Run Dynamic Facebook Ads (Just Like Amazon Does)…And Product Specific Too
PushAlert - Web Push Notifications
Paid PushAlert - Web Push Notifications

Recover abandoned carts, set automated price drop and in-stock alerts to boost your sales. Re-engage with targeted notifications.
Facebook Ads by Admonks
Facebook Ads by Admonks

Simplify your Facebook retargeting. 
 Run dynamic ads.
 Use this clever app to boost your sales. It's FREE without a catch.
Paid Pulse

FOMO Marketing - Act quick before it's gone! In an instant, your brain goes into high gear, deciding: do I or don't I make this purchase?
Paid Goodbits

Build emails without leaving Shopify. Sync your customers and products. Save articles from other services you love. It's easy as pie.
Smart Pricing Optimization
Paid Smart Pricing Optimization

Correlate price with № products bought. E.g. if it is selling well, increase its price. Or if none are bought within a week, try 30% off.
Pricing By Quantity
Paid Pricing By Quantity

Offer flexible pricing based on how much a customer buys and increase your sales.
Your Outlet Store
Your Outlet Store

Easily create a separate Shopify store to sell your products on sale. Your customers are going to love it!
SEO Friendly Images
Paid SEO Friendly Images

Get more free traffic and sales from Google, Yahoo and Bing Image, automatically update ALT text for existing and newly added product images
Paid CartQuake

Leverage buying behaviour with Shopify's first interactive "Add To Cart" button. The button attracts your visitors' attention by shaking.
EggViews Review
Paid EggViews Review

Advance Review App with Email Marketing, Full SEO, Q & A Feature, Image Upload with review option.
Mass Edit
Paid Mass Edit

A fast & easy way to edit all your Shopify products, variants and images!
Shop Builder Kit
Paid Shop Builder Kit

Shop Builder Kit helps you create beautiful and responsive pages without doing any code. Just drag and drop to build your awesome page!
Paid Foodify

Create different food menu pages by adding different products to the menu. Show different food menu pages on store.
FAQ Accordion by Widgetic
Paid FAQ Accordion by Widgetic

Address users' concerns, build trust and improve conversions.
Last Week: 12% clicked on this app
Paid eCondom
Reviews: 1

Protect your store from copyright infringement! Prevent people from stealing your images & texts, hide your best sellers page & app info…
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